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Christmas has been had and I haven’t quite caught up with my need for an afternoon nap yet. It is nice to be able to check in with my Twitter mates at times of the day when I am usually at work. American & UK snow storms, tweets about food and down-under sunshine seem to prevail. My RSS reader is empty and I am feeling the need to do a little collaborative something.

Allanah - Google Wave
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Kevin Hodgson (@dogtrax) suggested that we add to a collaborative Google wave story. I was a bit shy at first to add a few lines but what the hell. It is fun to leap in and have a go. The wave is open to all and Kevin has invites if you would like one. Give it a go and let your creative juices flow.

I still find it fascinating to watch other people edit collaborative projects like this in real time. Etherpad in its original form has been gobbled up by Google but as they have allowed the source code to be used by other people things like Pirate Pad could well fill the void.

The problem I see with using Google Wave in a classroom setting is the individual invites and log ins you would need. The joy of using Etherpad was anyone could just join in.

Also on the clever, creativity front here’s a little YouTube video rendition of the Halleluia Chorus performed by silent monks.

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