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A while ago NZ Education Review asked me to write an article for them sharing the path I took to change my practice over the last few years using ICT.

They published it in digital form today with Issuu which I quite like because it looks like a book to read and you can zoom in and turn the pages, just like the real thing.

The whole publication makes good reading- my article is on page 21/22. Click on the image to take you to the web book.

They even added a QR code to the article like I asked them too.


4 thoughts on “Education Review Article

  1. Well done, Allanah! A reflective, honest account of an exciting journey. You make everything sound very do-able and a natural part of the teaching process. Nice job – will trumpet this on via Enabling e-Learning in the VLN as I think other teachers will benefit from hearing about your experience. Luck to have you in our community:-) Cheers – Karen M

  2. Allanah, it was an absolute honour to work with you and your students, I know that my students certainly gained a unique view of the world through their connection with New Zealand as did I. When like minds coincide the possibilities are truly infinite. Thank you for sharing your view of the world….. keep up the excellent work….. I will get to New Zealand one day to visit the great educational community that exists there…. look after my friend @dk he is a great guy and will be an asset to Ed Tech in NZ with a Welsh tint 🙂

  3. Awesome article Allanah! I am very grateful for the support you give me and the learning you share. You are on a very exciting life-long learning journey! I love the title of your article.
    Anne K

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