Transferring Children in Blogmeister

A couple of days ago I posted a question in the Blogmeister Forum.

Can I transfer a student from my Blogmeister class to a new Blogmeister blog set up by another teacher at my school?

At the point you couldn’t! But David Warlick got onto it real quick and now you can! How cool is that!

Here are some visuals to help you through the process…

The new teacher needs to create a Blogmeister blog with the same school password as the blog you are going to transfer students from.

Firstly log in your class and go to the class panel.

-- Blogmeister.jpg
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Then go to your class roster.

1 Click on class name.jpg
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Locate the students you want to move and click EDIT.

3 Edit kids name.jpg
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See where it says student. Click on the dropdown box and change it to orphan.

4 Make the kid an orphan.jpg
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And then change the teacher to the new teacher’s name in the dropdown menu.

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Do that for all the students you want to move.

Now log into the newly created blog that has no students as yet.

Do the same procedure and this time change the orphans to the new teacher’s class.

5. View orphans.jpg
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Now the children and all their content from last year is safely in the new teacher’s class blog all ready for the new school year.

Thank you so much, David. I know my kids will think it is mint that their blogs are safe and sound with the new teacher’s Blogmeister Blog.