Mum’s Passing

I haven’t blogged for ages as a lot has happened and I haven’t felt up to the challenge. I am blogging this while waiting to get a wheel alignment on my car. Best blogged in a place where my tears are only on the inside.

On Thursday 1 May I was at the Nelson airport about to head up to Whangarei for the ICT cluster mini-conference. The plane was delayed so I thought I would give my dear Mum a quick call on her cell phone at the rest home to say farewell before I left. As I rang a new voice answered saying that Mum had had a fall and was having multiple seizures and they had called an ambulance.

I was able to get my suitcase back from the flight attendants and call a taxi. The driver was great and I managed to beat the ambulance to the rest home and go with Mum to the hospital. The doctors at the hospital were fabulous and got Mum all the attention she needed immediately. A volunteer of the St John’s Ambulance stayed with me at that time as well and told me it would be all right- there was going to be a way through this.

After the necessary CAT scans and X-rays we were transferred to a medical ward. Mum nearly died just then but hung on in a coma from which she never emerged. They jacked me up with a fold-up bed in Mum’s room and my vigil began. As I went home each day and via Twitter through my cell phone I was able to keep contact with my on-line friends and I was humbled and comforted by the support offered from people I had never met. These people were so warm and caring and I felt uplifted by their direct messages. Thank you.

Exactly one week later Mum passed away as I wished her well on her journey. I was so pleased that I was there for her right through to the end.

Mum’s funeral was lovely with a mixture of love, laughter and tears. I had whipped up town to buy a decent iPod set of speakers and I made a iPhoto slideshow of photos from Mum’s life that started the service. Mum was always interested on what I was getting up to on my ‘video’ as she called my computer.

I show you now this video as a tribute to my Mum- my best friend and a wonderful woman.

20 thoughts on “Mum’s Passing

  1. Oh Allanh, How sorry I am to read this postand how I do feel for you. I have been so busy sorting out my mothers house and effects that I have not caught up with what is going on in twitter. I cried when I read this post as it has brought so many memories for me as well. So, if you need a shoulder to cry on, I am there for you and know just what you are going throught. Isnt it a wonderful tribute to your Mum. I found it so comforting to be able to write a post about my Mum, too. She will live on in you and your children, and all the wonderful memories you have will keep you going. She is at rest now.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your mom but I am glad that you were able to be with her. She sounds like a fantastic woman. My mother passed away almost 20 years ago and I still miss her. I hope the good memories of great times will get you through the tough times. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Dear Allanah,
    I am so glad you were able to say goodbye to your mom. It seems like you will have many wonderful memories to sustain you and lift you up. I am so sorry. My prayers are with you always.

  4. My heart (and eyes) cry with you. It was God’s will that you not get on that plane. He wanted you there at her passing. My condolences to your entire family.

  5. I was so sorry to hear about your Mum, Allanah. I have been there when she phoned you and you were so comforting to her. I lost my Mum over 20 years ago and I think of her every day – good memories. You have created a special tribute to your Mum.

  6. Thank you for sharing this painful experience. My thoughts and prayers for your comfort. May the many happy memories contained in those images fill your thoughts as you remember your Mum.

  7. Ashleigh and I just watched your wonderful tribute to your mum. We are thinking of you and praying for you. Thank you for letting us share in the pictures of her life.

  8. A great tribute! Thinking of you and best wishes at this time. Good to ‘chat’ in the weekend and looking forward to catching up at ULearn so I can give u a big hug in person.

  9. A great tribute Allanah. It must have been painful yet rewarding to make that video. Now your whole family can share in her life. Well done. While you will always feel some sadness that your Mum is no longer here, you will always have fond memories. What a special place Nelson is for your family.

  10. I have just sat quietly (shedding a few tears) watching the most eloquent and touching statement of love and affection. Thank you very much Allanah for sharing these images of your mum and the family. You are in my thoughts.

  11. God bless you, Allanah at this most trying of times. I’m so pleased to here you were there at the end. Take care of your self. Be gentle with yourself.

  12. Allanah – I am sorry I was late to hear of your Mum’s passing. Your video has touched me. You can be thankful for a wonderful Mother and the memories you have of her. May the Lord bless you.


  13. Greetings Allanah
    Margaret would have enjoyed the photo tribute. You did her proud.
    The beers are on you next hols. If I miss you then I’ll undoubtedly catch you at ULEARN08.


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