Virtual Highway

Virtual Highway
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Paul Wilkinson just posted this rather excellent find- Virtual Highway– which is a wonderful Google mash-up of a Google map of New Zealand and video of what the drive actually looks like. As the video plays a little car moves along the highway keeping in synch with the video. Here is a screen grab of part of my commute. Way cool.

Riminiscences of David Kinane‘s Amazing Journey.

Thanks Paul- hours of fun here!

2 thoughts on “Virtual Highway

  1. Allanah, This looks like it is a great tool. I am currently exploring making virtual amazing journeys in Google Earth. Still waiting for your amazing journey with baited breath! See you at Ulearn?

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  2. Allanah,

    It occurs to me that when Google Streets is amalamated with the tour option of Google Earth then we will truly be able to create virtual amazing journeys.

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