Today I attended a session with Joe Dale at PodcampUK in Birmingham without spending a cent. The thing that struck me was the interconnected-ness of us all. Joe was talking about an interview he had had with Ewan, how a child had done a scribe blog post in French in a similar way that Darren does with maths and they even played Rachel‘s blogging video and Joe spoke about adding Bling to Your Blog! I feel connected by just listening/viewing with BlogTV even if I was sitting at the back of the room.

http://www.blogtv.com - blogTV - LIVE now - Conference

http://www.blogtv.com - blogTV - LIVE now - Conference
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Hi Paul– I recognised your voice!

Oh I even got a mention! Now it is time for your lunch and my bedtime. Have a safe trip home.

One thought on “PodcampUK

  1. You are SO lucky to be part of this!!!
    We have just been updating our PD records @ Central… when you do yours you will have an interesting international experience to record 😉


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