Developing an RSS Feed for Principals

At our last week’s Principal’s meeting for our cluster we facilitated a workshop on developing an RSS feed using Google Reader specifically focussed on the the sorts of things that we thought principals might be interested in. We will develop this more over time but I thought it might be useful to list the blogs that we suggested we added to our reader. At the workshop we used a Google Doc but they click more easily from a blog post.

If I missed anyone that you think should be in my list please let me know and I will add them.

Our best reads…. Teachers in our cluster who edublogphoto-4 Tracy Prout – Tasman Bay Christian School Allanah King- Me! Cherryl Eden – Richmond Primary Kellie McRobert – Nayland Primary Sandra Rolls – Tasman Bay Christian School

Kiwi Blogging Leaders and Principals Derek Wenmoth, CORE Core Education Blog Greg Carroll, Outram, Dunedin Andrew Churches, Kirsten College, Auckland John Dorman, St Paul’s, Nelson Bruce Hammonds Regan Orr- Principal of Koputaroa School, Horowhenua Rob Clarke Luke Sumich- Summerlands, Auckland Marama Stewart, Pukeokahu School, Taihape Dane Robertson, Tauranga Mike Anderson, Waimari, Christchurch Danny Nicholls, St Patricks Stuart Armistead, Stanley Ave, Te Aroha Matt Skilton, Muritai School, Wellington Carolyn Stuart, Tawa Int Cheryl Doig, Christchurch Steven Soutar, Awapuni, Palmerston North.

Blogs that may interest you- leadership etc. Chris Betcher- ICT leader- Sydney Tony Ryan- Learning Consultant- Australia Ewan McIntosh- Ed Leader- Scotland Michael Smith, USA

Podcasts Better still search iTunes for Edtalks and subscribe to these educational video podcasts and view them at your leisure.

News Stuff- Newspaper link with a focus on education Look for the RSS icon for ‘News & Hot Topics’ and ‘Professional Learning Articles’. Look for the RSS icon for ‘Latest News’.

And Charles added that all principals should be following and commenting on the blogs of their classes and also shared some of the blogs in his RSS…

Education news and commentary… UK digest for “leaders and managers of educational ICT” Amercian Irish education digest big ideas….not just about education the George Lucas Educational Foundation a collaboratively written blog dedicated to conversation and commentary about the intertwined worlds of digital technology, new media, and education. University Council for Educational Administration Texas

Interesting individuals……… has great links to collections of websites – teacher Bill Ferriter’s hard hitting comments Lisa Nielsen is an innovative educator in New York City Jeff Thomas a Director of Technology at a private middle school. Scott McLeod (currently on sabbatical in NZ)

Since I posted this on Sunday people have added further suggestions via the comments or Twitter so here they are…. Ministry RSS for educational leaders NZCER Seth Godin, ideas and marketing Connected Principals- a collective principals’ blog Scroll down to find Principal Blogs to subscribe to List of leadership blogs from Scott McLeod Fraser Speirs, Cedars School of Excellence, Scotland Where CEO’s come to grow

11 thoughts on “Developing an RSS Feed for Principals

  1. Our next challenge is to see if we can then get our principals to use Twitter and Delicious to help them manage their professional readings. I believe this is a way that busy principals can keep tabs on what is happening around them. The third stage will be to show just how useful their expanding network of collegial support can be when they have a question or problem. No allusions here – this is going to be a long term project and we know that this way of working will not be for all!

  2. Great use of time – hands-on way to get connected:-) Working out the best way to move towards doing this kind of thing regularly is the challenge, too. Have dedicated times to check feeds, or having them come direct to your inbox can help:-)
    Good work!

  3. There is a ‘subscribe to my inbox’ gadget that blogger offers to add to your side bar. That’s been a great feature for our cluster blog – great for getting resources, posts out cause most people use their emails. Good for getting readers easily, too.

    Wow, Allanah – what a great list. I’ll be sharing this with our staff.

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